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The historical city of Bath, in the South West of England, is a thriving place to live, work and visit, with a proud heritage and striking architecture. 

Like any city however, scratch below the surface of the picture perfect landscapes and the tourist attractions, and there is another side to life; one where not everyone is privileged, not everyone has a roof over their heads, a job, or someone to support them through the tough times.

Enter Julian House, a Bath based charity offering support to vulnerable and at-risk individuals experiencing homelessness, domestic abuse, or adults with learning difficulties and those in need of support after leaving prison.


With over 40 projects, social enterprises and accommodation sites across SW England, they are a hands on charity providing essential services that make a very real and tangible difference to people's lives.

The collection of original artworks from the designers at Sparkloop have been created to capture the beauty of the city of Bath, whilst acknowledging and gently raising awareness to the obstacles faced by the vulnerable sectors of the local community.


Using a graphic style, the designs pay homage to the striking and renowned Bath Stone architecture but are very much about juxtaposing the heritage with a modern feel that is visually striking and set to challenge preconceptions about what Bath truly represents.




A creative agency founded in 2004, delivering branding, print, digital and video projects for businesses and brands the world over, including clients we have worked with for well over a decade. 

This project was born from a chance encounter on the office stairs about where to hang a (not so great) painting. 'Don't', was the obvious answer. The building needed some inspiring artwork and housed a creative agency. Something could be done.

Working every day in Bath, it feels hard to know how to 'deal with' vulnerable people on the streets. What helps and what hinders? Supporting the experts seems the most appropriate approach to avoid some of the gnarly issues around homelessness and our own inexperience and lack of confidence.

We found ourselves itching to create a series of original artworks representing the realities of Bath, to be sold to raise funds for Julian House (and to purchase to adorn the office walls)


Views from the Pavement does all of this; honestly, graphically and beautifully.



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